Tims CCTV Security Cameras 91311 provides observation system equipment and trained installation services in California. We provide complete turnkey systems for home, commercial, and government installed by licensed technicians. Tims CCTV Security Cameras is a nationwide direct supplier of surveillance equipment.

Our business has knowledge in countless large projects for supply and install of CCTV Devices, CCTV Video, Fire Notification System, Home Protection System. It supports image capture, analysis, footage, and monitoring of tape information coming from one or more camera or network devices.

Our tech team has a immense and extended expertise in installation and system incorporation. They can provide handy and top resolutions to our clients. A CCTV provider with skill in Video Surveillance, IT, Networks, Entry Control and Electronics, we can provide complete security system solutions and IP Surveillance for our customers. We also supply free technical assistance to our clients as well as training on all our products.

Tims CCTV Securtiy Cameras prides itself in the client service and assistance it gives. We know that our customers require brilliant service to meet their digital surveillance security desires. We do our best to give prompt service and effective answers to support the surveillance tape security equipment our customers deserve.

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